Matriculants get a second chance at exams

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Matriculants who failed their exams last year have until January 19 to apply for a rewrite.

A total 7,477 matriculants did not pass their exam last year, the provincial education department said in a statement this week.

Matriculants can also apply to the department to have their examination papers remarked or rechecked if dissatisfied with their results.

While rewriting the exam comes at no cost, to have an examination paper remarked costs R98 per subject and rechecked costs R23 per subject.

The national and provincial education departments have support programmes for matriculants who plan to rewrite the national senior certificate exam scheduled to run February 19 to March 27.

The provincial department said it was in the process of determining schools where the exams would be written.


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